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Blood Virus

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Newest Release!

Imagine that you picked up a pen a moment ago to jot down a note. That same pen was left on your desk by one of your co-workers who in turn kept the pen from a messenger who asked her to sign for a package. Unbeknownst to anyone in the office, that pen is not a harmless instrument of ink and plastic, but a carrier of a virus—a deadly virus that you have now contracted. Now let’s take that scenario a step further. What if that virus is ethno-specific—meaning that it affects only those of a certain race?

In my new novel, “Blood Virus: A Pandemic by Design” will delve into this deadly scenario. The story unfolds in the country of Benin, in Western Africa. Thousands are dying and many more are sickened as an unknown virus spreads through its populace. With the possibility of the virus becoming a global pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control is sending its most senior member of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, Dr. Lennox Richards, for answers.

His team discovers during their analysis a problematic variable: an unknown component that makes the virus ethno-specific, killing only blacks and leaving others with the common cold. Lennox is African American and now faces the reality that he, too, can become infected. Little does he realize that a sinister plot is being waged to expose the world’s ethnic groups to a virus specific to their particular race—in other words, the implementation of an ethnic bomb. With time running out and no cure in sight, it is up to Lennox to help uncover the plot and halt the doomsday virus’ threat to humanity.