Interview for "Going In Circles" | L.A.Hollis
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Interview for "Going In Circles"

1. Your characters are so believable - how were you able to come up with their various personalities?

Having the reader to experience the richness and emotional appeal of the characters is important to me. I pull the characters together from my many acquaintances and experiences which help to achieve this.

2. You are very descriptive writer, where did you learn to do this?

Because we live in a world with endless sights and sounds, usage of the five senses often comes into play when I write. I want my readers to experience every nuance of emotion, so I focus on those qualities and paint the picture I want them to experience.

3. Your book is full of intrigue. Did you find it difficult to manage the many
twists and turns?

Life is full of intrigue and entanglements. My focus in writing
this book was to keep the plot moving and the reader engaged. It wasn’t too
difficult to maintain the goals of the storyline.

4. What do you want your readers to take away from your book?

That second chances are possible and not to be afraid to explore them.

5. Is this your first book?

No. My first book was a narrative non fiction about my family’s heritage titled, “I Cannot Tell a Lie: The True Story of George Washington’s African American Descendants.”

6. What are you planning next?

I am currently developing “Going in Circles” into a screenplay. I also am working on a medical thriller due out next year. It promises to be a real page turner.

7. Are you planning a sequel?

It depends. If my fans want to see what happens to
the rest of the characters - I have a lot more of the story to tell.