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History's Hidden Chapter

Though touted as a "novel," the back matter of this book demonstrates that this author did some serious research in putting together "I Cannot Tell a Lie." This extensive saga gives the reader a wrenching, personal tour through the victories and heartaches of one family - who spent 200 years in the shadow of a secret that can - and will - change the way the world views American history. There is much to be learned from this fascinating book, aside from the astonishing revelation that the blood of our first national hero lives on in an African American family. The book gives us a whole new set of heros - in the form of courageous, lively people of color, and of mixed race - who have been omitted from our texts. This is a generous gift to America and the author is to be applauded. Read this book if you're ready to hear the truth about what America is, and should be, all about.

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5 stars