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A True Love Story

Amber Jones is young, beautiful, and impressionable. She is also the young sister of Bruce Jones. Bruce is a self-proclaimed gift to women as are the other members of his "posse." Each believe that it is their job to grace women with their presence and that it was never meant for them to settle down with one woman. After a weekend visit from Amber to their campus, Marcus, a member of the "posse", suddenly realizes that it is very much possible for him to fall in love.

The story of Amber and Marcus is one of true love. After a string of events that neither expected, their relationship takes a turn for the worse. While Amber knows that she is still in love with Marcus, she accepts the fact that they cannot be together, despite the fact that Marcus has asked to marry her.

Many years later, Amber has become a different person, tainted by her past. Yet when she reconnects with Marcus, they both realize that their love has not changed. After an attempt at rekindling their relationship, tragedy once again threatens to tear the two apart.

Despite the unfortunate happenings over the years, it was touching and at times sorrowful to watch Amber and Marcus try to deal with the feelings that they have for each other. It warmed my heart for their story to have a happy ending. A hopeless romantic at heart, this is just the type of love story I look forward to reading.

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5 stars