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Hollywood Coverage

for L.A. Hollis novel “Going in Circles”

A thrilling drama, "Going in Circles" possesses considerable potential to be adapted into a successful feature film because it has strong characters, a plot rich in conflict, and an uplifting message.

At its core, it has an uplifting message which has a strong appeal to movie audiences. Even though the two main characters, Amber and Marcus, go through a long, harrowing journey before they finally get married, the fact that they wind up together is a testament to the enduring power of love. Considering the numerous obstacles that get in their way, it is very satisfying for the reader to watch them conquer everything that stands between them and a happy relationship.

Also, Marcus sets a very positive example for respectful behavior towards women. Even though he dates many different ladies, he is always honest and kind. The fact that he also puts Amber’s past aside so that they can be together also shows how important it is to have an open mind. Because of its positive message, in addition to its strong characters and engaging plot, "Going in Circles" could easily be adapted into a compelling feature film.

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