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L.A. Hollis Welcomes You!

There is nothing better than reading a book that makes you feel every depth of emotion - one that keeps your mind, body and soul totally engaged. I like my storylines to stay with my readers long after the last page is turned. So if you like twisty plots, colorful and realistic characters with surprise after surprise, you have come to the right place. Enjoy your visit and drop me a line or two.

- L. A. Hollis

Blood Virus

Virus cover front

Newest Release!

Imagine that you picked up a pen a moment ago to jot down a note. That same pen was left on your desk by one of your co-workers who in turn kept the pen from a messenger who asked her to sign for a package. Unbeknownst to anyone in the office, that pen is not a harmless instrument of ink and plastic, but a carrier of a virus—a deadly virus that you have now contracted. Now let’s take that scenario a step further. What if that virus is ethno-specific—meaning that it affects only those of a certain race?

In my new novel, “Blood Virus: A Pandemic by Design” will delve into this deadly scenario. The story unfolds in the country of Benin, in Western Africa. Thousands are dying and many more are sickened as an unknown virus... Read More

Going In Circles

Going In Circles book cover

Bruce Jones and Marcus Emerson are members of the "posse," an elite group of five football standouts at UC Berkeley. There isn't a female on or off campus who is immune to the suave brothers' legendary tactics with the fairer sex.

Bruce is the leader of the group and his words are considered golden by those wanting to perfect their "playa" skills. The smooth talking brother's popular handbook for lesser men, titled, The Playa's Guide for Dummies, is a much sought after publication by the male student body on campus. Its witticisms on the treatise of male/female relationships make for great fun. Amber is Bruce's younger sister and she sets her sights on his best friend, Marcus. Marcus... Read More

I Cannot Tell A Lie

I Cannot Tell A Lie book cover

Many people will believe the story of George Washington fathering a slave son. Others will find it difficult, if not impossible, to believe that Washington had an intimate relationship with a slave named Venus. Their fateful union during the era of antebellum slavery produced a son, West Ford.

As time and space distanced the Ford family from its beginnings at Mount Vernon, each generation continued to walk a precarious line, bearing the weight of their heritage and battling issues of skin color, status, and identity. Linda Allen Bryant, a descendant of West Ford, pens her family's narrative history in I Cannot Tell a Lie. Their genealogy is rich in adventure, love, tragedy, sacrifice and courage--a story that will haunt you long... Read More